The Man in the grey suite

So, i was out catching some fun little long period swell the other day at Winthrop beach. The sun was shining, barely any wind, no crowd – a good time for catching some waves with the sup. The birds were going after some school fish who were awfully close to the surface, seemed kinda early for the Bluefish to be in, but whatever. The harbormaster was cruising around all over the place while i was out, which is also unusual but again….whatever. On my way home i noticed news helicopters flying around the Winthrop beach area, and then my phones buzzes. Al who i’d been staring at the tiny waves rolling in waiting for the tide to back off a bit texts me “shark sighting in winthrop”. HA i though, nice one…a shark in winthrop. i got home and saw this. Guess that answers why the fish were jumping and why the harbormaster was cruising around

winthrop beach shark sighting

shark sighting in winthrop? oh yeah!


Been a crazy couple of weeks here in East Boston.  We’ve had Hurricane Irene, a earthquake. a acid spill at Deer Island and a shark sighting in Winthrop.  We’ve been tattooing like mad and the insanity will continue.  Amanda will be tattooing at the Boston Tattoo Convention and Keith will be in Cali for the upcoming week.  Here are some pics from the last week or so, enjoy!