We survived the great blizzard of 2013 | Boston Blizzard

Well, we survived/ate our way through the great blizzard of 2013.  We broke out our shovels and forks, piled the snow and stuffed our faces.  We surfed some big icy waves when we could finally get on the road.  So we’re back to regular operating hours and regular eating practices (the 3 day long eating binge is over!)   Here are a few pics from the storm – mostly from our neighborhood because we couldn’t get out!!  but hey our hometown made the front page of the new york times


New for 2012 hyperflex has unveiled they’re a3 surf series.  I recieved my 5/4/3 amp-3 wetsuit this week and a swell showed up with it!!  Surfing in and around the Boston area in the winter can bring brutal conditions – cold water, colder air, wind etc..  so you’re winter gear is very important.

My initial take on the amp-3 wetsuit was that it was pleasing to the eye, stretchy neoprene, the thermal lining was very soft and good looking and at $290 for the 5/4/3 not too bad on the wallet considering the price of other wetsuits with similar options.

Now the actual performance of the suit.  Getting into the suit wasn’t that bad considering it’s a front zip winter suit.  The day i used it, it was overcast,  air temperatures in the 40’s with strong gusting wind and the water temperature was about 45.  actually a fairly warm January day.  I surfed for about 2 hours, nice and warm in the suit, i feel that i could have surfed just as long in much colder temperatures.  I felt very comfortable in the suit, not as restricted as i’ve felt in other winter suits.  Even taking the suit off i didn’t need to contort as i usually do with my other suits and when i got the suit off is was pretty much dry on the inside.

Bottom line –  I have no real complaints with this suit.  no issues putting it on or taking it off and i was really comfortable in the suit.  The build quality was very nice.  This is an exceptional wetsuit especially with the $290 price tag (6/5/4 – $300).  i would recomend it to anyone looking for a new winter suit, drop us a line if you’d like one of these!!

New Surfboards | Boston Surf shop | Wave n’ Pave surf skate tattoo

Got a couple of new boards in today from Natti Surfboards and Vec Surfboards.  Some really nice shapes here in East Boston.  All surfboards are custom made right here in New England and are some of the nicest you’ll find around.  Feast your eyes upon these beauties!! (the chub is already sold – lasted about 12 hours in the shop – more on the way!!)  The blue vec is a 7’6″ fcs thruster setup and the red natti is a 2+1  8’6″ wave catching machine!

things and stuff

Been a busy past week, we’ve been drawing, painting, tattooing surfing and paddleboarding.  The tropics are starting to fire up and boards are flying out of the shop.  As always we’re here for all your tattoo, skateboard and surf needs.  Conviently located in East Boston right at Orient Heights from 12-9 everyday but sunday.   The T (blue line) is right across the street and we’re just minutes from routes 1a, 90 and 93.  Check out some pics from the week[