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Last February Wave n’ Pave donated some gift certificates for tattoos at a benefit concert for a friend who was killed by a drunk driver.  That friend was Chris “Rover” Rybicki.

Rover was a talented musician who played in a few local bands, No Choice, Point 04 and most notably Unearth.  Rover lived life on his terms and always had a great time doing so.  That is where the paralell begins between the tattoo and how the customer wound up here. The recipient of one of those gift certificates – Mike S. recently came in for a tattoo by owner artist Carissa Bonilla one of Boston’s best tattoo artists.  The tattoo was of the Oakland Raiders logo, a memorial tattoo for Raiders owner Al Davis who had recently passed.

Mike, a lifelong fan of the Raiders, but a lifelong resident of New England – this was confusing to me, so I decided to dig a little deeper.  Why the Raiders and why Al Davis – being from New England?  The answer was pretty simple – Al Davis had a renegade image, did whatever he wanted whenever he wanted or very simply he lived life on his own terms. That was the thing that drew Mike in as a fan of the Raiders, a fan of the type of music Rover played and made Al Davis such an influential figure.  We were very happy to make mike happy and be able to help to raise some money for Rovers family.

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