Martinique Travel Tips | Renting a Car in Martinique

We recently traveled to Martinique and rented a car from Avis.  I found a great corporate code online to get a good rate on the car.  It was awd#  b270898, i’m not guaranteeing this will work for you, but it worked for me, if you’re feeling rebelous this is the  Best rate i found – i believe the code is for perigrine systems meetings, i wasn’t asked for any proof that i worked for them, but use at your own risk!

So with being said, the Avis counter at the Fort De France airport is right in the terminal, and once you get situated at the desk, a shuttle bus will take you to the lot and drop you off.  The Parking spaces are all numbered and they will have given you a number and a key at the counter – now you must find your car in the lot!

Everyone knows that most credit cards insure you with car rentals, and your own car insurance insures you in a rental car, that is unless you leave the country of course.  Avis in Martinique will make you leave a 2500 euro deposit for a car unless you pay for their insurance, even though you’re covered by you credit card.  i’m not sure if this is true for other car rental agencies or if this is common practice in europe.  But it seems like a tactic to make you buy the insurance.  So make sure you have the available balance on your credit card

We rented the economy car, it was a vw polo manual 5 speed.  the car was a 4dr hatchback, we fit 2 adults, 2 children, 4 carry-on size bags and a surfboard on the roof!  i will say with all that the car struggled at times going up steep hills, and there are alot of them on this island!  Once we unloaded the baggage, the hills were a little more manageable with alot of shifting.

The return process was very easy, but be aware that if you are flying early in the morning that they will be closed – no shuttle bus and nobody but a security guard to ask questions.  We just parked the car outside the gate, made the 5 minute walk to the airport terminal and dropped the keys in the slot at the avis counter – Easy

vw polo from avis

    vw polo we rented from avis