The Low-Down…

How to Make a Appointment and get Tattooed                                                         Walk ins are usually welcomed upon availability, just be sure to give a call ahead of time to ensure availability.                                                                                                                         Or We encourage people to come into the shop, talk with an artist and use our reference library when searching for ideas.  Once an idea is solid we can give an estimate or hourly rate.  Taking pictures of our reference material is NOT ALLOWED!  Whats in the shop stays in the shop!                                                                                                    No drawings or appointments will be reserved without a minimum $50 non-refundable deposit.  This is to ensure our artists do not waste time spending hours on a drawing, or waste a valuable time slot.  The deposit is deducted off of the final price of the tattoo–so nothing is lost!  It also insures the customer becomes top priority!                                        It is impossible for an artist to give a price over the phone, email, or Facebook for your tattoo!  Please come in, and talk with an artist in person – that way we know exactly what you are looking to do and you get the customer service that you deserve!I                 Unless you are traveling from out of state and want to be tattooed, we can consult over Skype, the phone or via email, but we will still need a deposit to reserve your time and can easily accept via PayPal.  We can take also take deposits over the phone with a credit card.                                               Please be considerate when cancelling an appointment and give the artist at least 48 hours of notice.  We understand things come up, but we have lives too, and we really appreciate knowing in advance.  If you no show for your appointment you will forfeit your deposit.

How to Prepare for Your Tattoo                                                                               Please eat before your tattoo!  It will keep you strong!  Feel free to bring snacks and drinks to keep you going during your tattoo, and a friend is always welcome in the room for support!  We offer customers, coffee, water and always have candy on hand to keep you happy 🙂                                                                                                                          Do NOT come in to get tattoo’d drunk!  You WILL be refused!  It also can encourage bleeding during your tattoo.  In the same note we ask please do NOT come in on drugs!  You don’t need to take a vallium or a xanex before getting a tattoo!  This is supposed to be fun!  If your slurring, and drooling and out of it – #1 we dont want to deal with that and #2 you will miss out on the entire experience!!!

Paying for your Tattoo                                                                                                  We ask that all customers pay before they get tattooed unless they are getting hourly work done.                                                                                                                               We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and AMEX and CASH as forms of payment.. 
ipping is not necessary but ALWAYS appreciated!  If you love your tattoo and make a bond with your artist it can be a very nice gesture 🙂

Our Certifications                                                                                                            All artists are CPR, First Aid, Blood Borne Pathogens certified.  They have taken a skin course & have completed apprenticeships and have formal art training along with years of experience.The Artists as well as the establishment hold licenses and permits from the BPHC (Boston Public Health Commision)

What is the Age Requirement to be Tattooed                                                           YOU MUST BE 18!!! It doesnt matter if you bring your mother—you must be 18 to get a tattoo in Boston! With a valid state or government issued id or passport

Our Shop                                                                                                                            Our artist are just that artists…not copiers.  Our artists consult with each client to get all of their ideas and then turn those ideas into a 1 of a kind         tattoo                                                                                                                                  We have a private outdoor patio for customers to relax in (weather permitting) and a comfortable waiting area with gas fireplace, tv and seating.                                              All Needles, & Inks, and tattoo set-up are 1 time use!  Everything is bagged and disposed of after each tattoo!  Tubes are cleaned bagged & run in an medical autoclave and made sterile for each use.  Our autoclave has been inspected and approved by the board of health, as well as maintained by a lab to insure complete sterilization!                            THE SHOP MINIMUM IS $100.00 —minimum = small & simple