Happy belated new year all!  We’re kickin off the new year on the right foot.   Just got back to Boston from Puerto Rico, saw our friends at Senzala Tattoo and La Ocho Surf.  Enjoyed some sunshine, rum drinks and good food.

Carissa, Eric and Pat have been holdin it down at the shop making dem’ tattoos.  The calendar is starting to fill up, but we usually have some time for walk-ins.  Call ahead to make sure your artist of choice is available!  617-418-5115, or hit us up on facebook

Feast your eyes on some current works

5 Years in business | Boston Surf Skate and Tattoo

So, first off we would like to personally say THANK YOU to everyone for the continuous support over the past 5 years!!!! Wave n Pave would NOT exist without you! We are truly grateful for your business, and most importantly the friendships we have made and look forward to continue bringing you quality service, surf & skate supplies and tattoos for years to come! ♥

Needless to say the past 5 years has been a wild ride, we opened a shop, renovated a shop, moved a shop(and added tattooing to it), had partners, lost partners, learned some lessons (some the hard way) had children, hosted party’s, skaters edge trips, beach clean ups, had a booth at surf expo, done college fest, hosted artshows, featured in a fox25 zip trip, rubbed shoulders with legends and the best part……made countless amounts of friends along the way!! Again we’d like to thank everybody for making this wild ride possible….We would want it any other way

Sacred Tattoo NYC adventure

Left our comfort zone in Boston and took a little trip to New York City this week to meet up with Shanghai Kate at Sacred Tattoo.  We had the pleasure to get tattooed by Kate and get to spend some quality time with her.  For those of you who don’t know,  Kate’s been tattooing since 1972 and has not only worked with most of the legends in the tattoo world, but is included in that list of legends.  Kate has a vast knowledge of tattooing – historical and technical and we were lucky enough to have her share some that with us.   The shop she was working in – Sacred Tattoo – located between chinatown and soho was an absolutely amazing shop.  If you’re ever in NYC i’d definately recommend checking it out!  Another thing we’d definately recommend to check out would be Tacombi in nolita….some pretty dope taco’s!!

Tattoo Tales | Boston Tattoo Shop

Been a while since we’ve posted a blog up on here, so here’s a long over due one.  Been a mild winter, no snow, no surf…. thanks La Niña!  On the bright side, we did get to see Die Antwoord last week at the Paradise in Boston…Great live show!!

So it’s been a crazy couple of weeks tattooing here.  The USCGC Dependable came into Boston last week and a few of the boys came in to get some tattoos to remind them of their families while they were out at sea, real nice group of guys! Hope they’re keeping safe out there, wherever they are!  We’ve had all sorts of work coming through the shop –  script, black n’ grey, portrait work, big color pieces … we love it all!!  Here are some finished pieces from the last we’ve done recently.

And here are some pieces that are in the works!

And if you’re a experienced tattooer, with a solid portfolio and shop experience and are looking for a shop in Boston, hit us up as we’re still looking to fill a studio.


Hope everybody had a nice holiday season and are nearly recovered from the season of excess!  We’ve been busy little bees tattooing in East Boston.  Carissa and Amanda did some nice flash sheets for Friday the 13th and made a few nice tattoos.  Check the slideshow for a small example of what we’ve been up to.

On a sidenote  Norman “Sailor Jerry” collins would’ve been 101 years old today…

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