Tattoo Tales | Boston Tattoo Shop

Been a while since we’ve posted a blog up on here, so here’s a long over due one.  Been a mild winter, no snow, no surf…. thanks La Niña!  On the bright side, we did get to see Die Antwoord last week at the Paradise in Boston…Great live show!!

So it’s been a crazy couple of weeks tattooing here.  The USCGC Dependable came into Boston last week and a few of the boys came in to get some tattoos to remind them of their families while they were out at sea, real nice group of guys! Hope they’re keeping safe out there, wherever they are!  We’ve had all sorts of work coming through the shop –  script, black n’ grey, portrait work, big color pieces … we love it all!!  Here are some finished pieces from the last we’ve done recently.

And here are some pieces that are in the works!

And if you’re a experienced tattooer, with a solid portfolio and shop experience and are looking for a shop in Boston, hit us up as we’re still looking to fill a studio.