Puerto Rico | Food Drinks and Waves

Took a quick jaunt to PR last weekend, spent our time in and around the San Juan area.  Stopped and checked out Senzala Tattoo in old San Juan, ate some great meals –  mofongo at Mi Casita in Isla Verde and some real authentic Puerto Rican food at El Jibarito in old San Juan.  Visited the Castillo de San Cristóbal and sipped on plenty of rum drinks at the beach and pool

Then there was the surfing portion, i know everybody goes to rincon when they’re in PR, but there is plenty of surf to be found in the San Juan area.  I wound up at La Ocho with the help of a very friendly surf shop owner.  I had la8 surfshop reccomended to us from the guys at Velauno Paddleboarding, and couldn’t have been happier.  Peter the owner took great care of us – with his knowledge and gear.  I would definately recommend anyone who his going to be in the San Juan area to go and check out la8 surfshop, Peter is definately an ambassador of the aloha spirit!!

The surf was decent, head high reef break but a bit windy.  The paddle out wasn’t too bad 100-200 yards over some shallower reef.  There was some real shredding going on in the lineup, and everyone was friendly.  One of the locals even helped me navigate the reef paddling back in.  (pics are from the day after)